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Are you Ready to Explore the City Hassle-Free ?

How many times have you found yourself wishing to roam the city freely, without the weight of your luggage slowing you down? Imagine the ease of sightseeing and wandering through bustling streets, unencumbered by heavy bags.

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Your Smart Corfu Luggage Storage

At Flexy Luggage, we’re passionate about enhancing your travel experience with premier Luggage Storage Services in Corfu. Our mission is to free you from the burden of heavy bags, allowing you to explore the picturesque town of Corfu and its stunning Venetian architecture with ease and comfort. Whether you have a few spare hours before a flight or you’re looking to enjoy your last day in town unencumbered, we’ve got you covered.

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At Flexy Luggage, we’re on a mission to transform your travel convenience like never before. With our innovative luggage storage Corfu Airport facilities, we ensure your travel experiences are smoother and more accessible.

Now, with the addition of our second Corfu Luggage Storage directly opposite Corfu Airport, we offer you unparalleled ease, especially when facing flight delays or waiting periods after accommodation checkout. Enjoy seamless journeys with our smart, hassle-free solutions. Elevate your travel experience with Flexy Luggage, where we prioritize your comfort and convenience at every step.


What’s Around

Strategically located just 100m from Saroko Square, the heart of Corfu Town, and a mere 2-minute walk away from the main bus station linking Corfu town with Corfu International Airport (CFU), Flexy Luggage offers unparalleled convenience for your needs.

Luggage Storage Services in Corfu
1km, 13 mins on foot

Discover the old Venetian fortress

Learn about the History of Fortezza Vecchia and discover the great church of ST. George build from the demolished houses of Corfu town in 1840 as well as one of the best spots to take a memorable picture of the entire Corfu town at the top of the old Venetian fortress.
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750m, 10 mins on foot

Wonder around the old Corfu town

Protected by the UNESCO World heritage Old Corfu town offers a unique and authentic venetian architecture preserved throughout the centuries. A walk will take you through architectural history and beauty. See if you can spot the old venetian buildings still standing.
The distinctive red-domed bell tower of Saint Spyridon Church in corfu
750m, 10 mins on foot

ST. Spyridon church

ST. Spyridon is the keeper of the city of Corfu. Known for the miracle of expelling the plague from Corfu his relics can be found resting inside this great building.
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750m, 10 mins on foot

Old town market

Located at the alleys around St. Spyridon church you can find local products like kumquat liquor, Kumquat sweets, mandolato (Ionian desert), local produced limoncello, olive wood hand carved products and many more. Don’t miss the opportunity of getting authentic local products for your family and friends.