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We can give you all the information in order to have a great experience in Corfu Town.

Who We Are


Hello everyone!!!

In Flexy luggage we improve the traveling experience in Corfu by providing  luggage storage services in a safe environment while you enjoy Corfu town and the beautiful venetian architecture. Suitable for anyone who has spare hours and doesn’t want the struggle of carrying the extra weight of travelling luggage with.

our specially designed lockers are suitable for personal items all the way up to 30kg luggage. Furthermore, we can store special oversized equipment upon request.

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New store location


Will be opening soon our new store right next to Corfu airport.

Our store is only 100m from Saroko Square the center of Corfu Town and 2 minutes on foot from main bus station that connect Corfu town with Corfu International Airport (CFU). The bus passes every 30min. For your convenience in the store you will find useful phone numbers from transfer companies that are partners with Flexy Luggage.
1km, 13 mins on foot

Discover the old Venetian fortress

Learn about the History of Fortezza Vecchia and discover the great church of ST. George build from the demolished houses of Corfu town in 1840 as well as one of the best spots to take a memorable picture of the entire Corfu town at the top of the old Venetian fortress.
750m, 10 mins on foot

Wonder around the old Corfu town

Protected by the UNESCO World heritage Old Corfu town offers a unique and authentic venetian architecture preserved throughout the centuries. A walk will take you through architectural history and beauty. See if you can spot the old venetian buildings still standing.
750m, 10 mins on foot

ST. Spyridon church

ST. Spyridon is the keeper of the city of Corfu. Known for the miracle of expelling the plague from Corfu his relics can be found resting inside this great building.
750m, 10 mins on foot

Old town market

Located at the alleys around St. Spyridon church you can find local products like kumquat liquor, Kumquat sweets, mandolato (Ionian desert), local produced limoncello, olive wood hand carved products and many more. Don’t miss the opportunity of getting authentic local products for your family and friends.
250m, 4 mins on foot

Local groceries and fish market

This market offers the chance to see how local fishermen and groceries producers trade their products daily. Experience the old ways of buying and selling goods in that area.
By bus or taxi


Former house of Konstantinos King of Greece now a museum and an extraordinary place to take a walk in the vast gardens and forest of the palace also hosting a hidden beach named Kardaki. This is a great place to discover nature and how a King lived on his vacations.
1.2km,15 minutes on foot

Veranda Corfu Restaurant

Located at the area of mouragia above the sea this is our favorite family restaurant meditteranian with cuisine but really specializes in seafood. Simple greek recipies and using fresh local ingridients can really elevate your exerience with simple tasty food.
750m, 9 minutes on foot

Ionas Jewlery store

Located on Nikiforou Theotoki the most busy street of corfu this jewelery store offer a very big range of jewelery to satisfy any need and taste on jewelery. Whether you need a simple gift or something that caches the eye for someone special this is the place for you.