About Us


Flexy Luggage

At Flexy Luggage, we’re passionate about enhancing your travel experience in Corfu by offering unmatched luggage storage services. Our mission is to free you from the burden of heavy bags, allowing you to explore the picturesque town of Corfu and its stunning Venetian architecture with ease and comfort. Whether you have a few spare hours before a flight or you’re looking to enjoy your last day in town unencumbered, we’ve got you covered.

Flexy Luggage is more than just a storage facility; it’s a service created to make your visit to Corfu as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible. Let us take the weight off your shoulders so you can fully immerse yourself in the beauty and charm of Corfu Town. Visit Flexy Luggage today, and experience the freedom of exploring Corfu without the extra baggage!

Why Choose us For your Luggage Storage in Corfu?

No Size Limits No restrictions, store everything!


No Limits, No Restrictions

Our services are designed to accommodate every traveler's needs. From personal items to 30kg luggage, and even special oversized equipment, we ensure that there's no size too big or item too unusual for our storage solutions.


Accessibility Around the Clock

Our automated lockers are operational 24/7, ensuring that you have access to your belongings anytime, day or night.


Uncompromised Safety

With 24/7 security camera surveillance and sturdy lockers equipped with code locks, we guarantee the safety and security of your belongings.


Flexible Payment Options

To cater to your convenience, we accept both debit/credit cards and cash in coins.


Premier Locker Station

Our specially designed automated lockers are situated just 100m from the central bus station, making it incredibly convenient to store luggage of any size.


Special and Oversized Equipment Storage

We understand that some adventures require special gear. That's why we offer storage solutions for oversized equipment upon request.


Transfer + Luggage Storage

For the ultimate convenience, we can arrange for your luggage to be picked up, stored, and then dropped off at your desired location upon request.