How it works

Effortless Luggage Storage in Corfu: A Step-by-Step Guide for Using Flexy Luggage

Our system is designed for your convenience and security, allowing you to explore Corfu without the extra weight of your luggage. With Flexy Luggage, you can enjoy your travels to the fullest, knowing your belongings are in safe hands. Visit us today and start your worry-free adventure in Corfu!

How It Works

This guide simplifies the process of using Flexy Luggage’s services, emphasizing the ease and convenience of storing luggage in Corfu, ensuring visitors have all the information they need for a smooth experience.

Step 1:
Visit Our Storage Room

First, find us on Google Maps and head to our office. Our friendly staff are ready to welcome you and assist with any questions.

Step 2:
Choose the Right Sized Locker

With a variety of locker sizes available, select the one that best fits your luggage.
Locker Dimensions:

  • Medium Locker: Width: 46 cm, Length: 85 cm, Height: 46 cm
  • Large Locker: Width: 61 cm, Length: 85 cm, Height: 48 cm
  • Step 3:
    Secure Your

    To secure your luggage, simply follow the on-screen instructions at our computer unit. Enter your information and pay for the first hour using either coins or a card. You'll receive a receipt with a unique code to open your locker. Place your luggage inside and rest assured it's safe with us.

    Step 4::
    Collecting Your

    When you're ready to pick up your luggage, enter the code from your receipt at the locker and complete the payment based on your total usage hours. It's that simple!

    Luggage Dimensions

    Medium locker: W: 46 cm, L: 85 cm, H: 46 cm

    Large locker: ​W: 61cm, L: 85 cm, W: 48 cm